Thursday, May 04, 2006

One thing I really didn't anticipate when coming to law school was how much lawyers and the law generally defer to doctors. Whenever there is a mention of doctors in our cases or whenever legislatures cite medical testimony, we immediately defer. This is because lawyers are inherently less intelligent than doctors and med school is much harder to get into than law school. I like that this truth is formalized in the law. In unabashed shame, we dressed up like doctors to take this picture for our graduation evite. Prisca rented out the OR.


Seema Patel said...

Lawyers are smarter than doctors. And you know who's smarter than both of those? BLOGGERS. Like you. Except that you can't be a blogger if you don't blog, so get to it already will ya smo?! :)

Yes, procrastinating, yes, stressed, yes, exams, argh.

Cracking up at this "I am the change you want to see in the world," hahaha.

stacita said...

echo echo.

where are you smo? so shortlived.

Prisca said...

if seth has a blog, i think i want one too. we look good in blue. columbia blue.

Seema Patel said...

um wudup w/ the blog silence, smo? you busy w/ yo GIRL in the HOTEL? need entertainment while studying, please blog!

Lex Fori said...

Word to Seema. Lawyers are totally smarter. Trust me, I chase ambulances.

Seth... I think that, like Seema, I remember you from Boalt. WRC?

Jacob Mathai said...

mad libs :

This blog needs a change in _________ :0