Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Richard Conviser is the most blogged about person in America during June and July. I am not going to blog about Conviser. But, I just found this picture of him on the barbri website during my normal everyday web cruising and noticed that the filename for the pic is "conviserfrontal2.jpg."

Does anybody else find this worrisome?

I imagine my worries are too obvious to require stating outright, but:
  1. What types of other pictures of Conviser is barbri cataloging that they need to distinguish this one as "frontal"?
  2. How do I get a hold of "conviserfrontal1.jpg"?


Anonymous said...

hey seth, are you the guy from race and american law (with halo)? your picture is strange so i'm not sure.
good luck with bar studying. i am sure you will pass. that's probably because i don't know who you are.

Giti said...

love the flower bullet points

seth said...

hey anonymous -

yea i was in halo's class. he's a good man, and thorough.

the "strangeness" you cite in your comment is called a mustache. that picture was taken moments after my last 1L final. henry's fine liquor collection can be seen in the background.

Anonymous said...

some people would argue that halo's class was more of a world of pain.